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Goalkeeping coach from Duesseldorf and the surrounding area

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I am a football goalkeeping coach who has set myself the goal of challenging and supporting performance-oriented goalkeepers in their development. My core competence lies in the training and further development of goalkeepers.

I am a goalkeeper coach from Duesseldorf & surrounding area

Building on experience, competence, knowledge and the will to continuously develop, I have been making my contribution to the modern goalkeeping game as a goalkeeping coach since 2012. For a more precise representation of my experiences as a goalkeeping coach, the stations in my CV are marked with times.

I see myself as a goalkeeper coach who expands and shares his knowledge. My goal is to target the goalkeepers in the areas through targeted goalkeeper training in my goalkeeper training program Target defense, space defense, offensive play and goalkeeper tactics are to be challenged and promoted in an age-appropriate and situation-specific manner, so that goalkeepers develop their optimal performance potential.

As a goalkeeper I understand the contemporary demands on goalkeeping and prepare the goalkeepers in a targeted manner for their present and future needs towards the future.

Soccer goalkeeper training

Goalkeeper training youth


Analysis of the performance level of the goalkeepers


Adapt the training to the age and performance level


Development through goalkeeper training

Quality check

Accompaniment on match days or rely on information

Newbies & Kids

Among the “little ones” there are a lot of children who stand between the posts with fun and courage. The focus is on coordination-technical training.

Group training

Goalkeepers who are at the same or similar level of performance/development are specifically trained using suitable training exercises.

Individual training

An individual program for the goalkeeper that promotes technical and tactical skills in order to improve goalkeeping performance in training and competition to improve.

General approach to goalkeeping

Goalkeepercoach Khashayar Website Offensivspiel Offensive Game - Torwarttrainer Khashayar Goudarzi, Offensivspiel

Offensive game

Approximately 70 percent of all goalkeeper actions can be attributed to offensive play with the foot or hand. A playing goalkeeper who, among other things, acts as a stimulus and first attacker, is now standard in football.

Goalkeepercoach Khashayar Website Offensivspiel Offensive Game - Torwarttrainer Khashayar Goudarzi, Zielverteidigung

Target defense

Target defense actions such as headers, long-range shots, shots inside the penalty area, penalty and free kicks and 1-on-goalkeeper situations are among the classic tasks of a goalkeeper.

Goalkeepercoach Khashayar Website Offensivspiel Offensive Game - Torwarttrainer Khashayar Goudarzi, Raumverteidigung

Space defense

Standard situations, crosses and free balls without takers, all in all, in space defense passes have to be intercepted. According to a study by the D.F.B. Goalkeepers are involved in almost half of the goals conceded in this area of ​​goalkeeping.

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Goalkeeper tactics

Depending on the game situation, the goalkeeper has to make different tactical decisions and adjust his positional play before or during each action. The variants depend on the game situation, the distance of the ball and the positions of teammates and opponents.

Professional goalkeeper training

Soccer goalkeeping coach licenses

Goalkeeper coach license

2014 – Sportschule Wedau (F.V.N.)

I received my goalkeeper coaching license in 2014 at the Wedau sports school.

Experience as a goalkeeper coach

Goalkeeper coach youth


Sept. 2021 – SSVg Velbert 02 e.V.

I am currently working as a goalkeeper coach for the youth team of SSVg Velbert 02.

Goalkeeper coach Regionalliga West (Germanys 4th League)

Summer 2023


In the summer of 2023, our first team goalkeeper coach, Björn Kreil, was given two weeks of responsibility and trust for this Handed over to first team goalkeeper training. After consultation with the President of the club, Oliver Kuhn and Trainer Dimitrios Pappas and Assistant trainer Christian Dorda I was allowed The goalkeepers Marcel Lenz, Jan Fauseweh and Cem Ural train for two weeks.

Goalkeeper coach youth

Nov. 2019 until Aug. 2021 - Paris Saint-Germain Academy Germany

I was part of the PSG Academy Germany for almost two years.

Instagram Feed

Is my Insta account name. Here you will find reels, videos & pictures of training sessions. Goalkeeper training focuses on the development and performance improvement of goalkeepers. It is not aimed at the camera, nor is it designed for it!


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Goalkeeper Training FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

My goalkeeper training is based on current knowledge and modern training concepts, which promotes the development of goalkeepers.

The private goalkeeper training takes place at the SG Benrath-Hassels 1910/12 e.V. facility.
The facility is located in the south of Düsseldorf Am Wald 130, 40599 Düsseldorf and is accessible via the A59.

Basically yes, but it should be noted that in younger children there is generally no specialization in the goalkeeper position. The focus is on extensive and varied coordination-technical training in combination with goalkeeper training. So introduce young goalkeepers to the game of goalkeeping.

Yes, group training is offered.
It is divided into different age groups so that the training takes place in groups of homogeneous performance and balanced development is guaranteed. The age group division of the German Football Association applies.

Yes. Individual training for goalkeepers is also offered.