Goalkeeper Coach from
Duesseldorf & surrounding area

About me as a goalkeeper coach

As a goalkeeper, I understand the contemporary demands on the goalkeeping game, prepare the goalkeepers purposefully for their present and perspective for the future. Together in the team we find suitable solutions.

Approach and basic idea

My work as a goalkeeping coach

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Specialized in goalkeeper training

Depending on the age level and or development, different training content is required. When it comes to goalkeeper training, the aim is to continuously improve the technical-tactical and physical characteristics in every phase of development .

Philosophy & conviction in goalkeeper training

Every goalkeeper is individual, and I believe that we can learn from each other from this difference. The goalkeeper from the goalkeeper coach and the goalkeeper coach from the goalkeeper. Goalkeeper coaches can learn from other goalkeeper coaches and goalkeepers can learn from other goalkeepers. This conviction is a core approach in my actions and action in collaboration.

Lived in two different
Well networked in the
Lower Rhine (Niederrhein) region
Always in

In possession of the goalkeeper trainer license

12+ Years

Experience as a goalkeeper coach in the youth & senior area

70+ Goalkeepers

Trained so far

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A new goalkeeper?

I support since 2019 in the form of personal & group training performance-oriented goalkeepers. I am also at your disposal with advice. For more information you can reach me via email, phone or contact form.